Here are some general advantages and benefits of owning your business website


By placing a link to your new Free For All Links Page or Classified Ad Site on your website you enhance your website’s attractiveness. Everyone on the Internet who has a webpage needs to promote their page. Free For All Link Pages and Classified Ad Sites are popular when promoting a website and are a very effective promotion tool on the internet. People will naturally come to your site because it offers free exposure for their business.

Website Design and Marketing Firm in Minnesota

  1. We set up the Free For All Links Page and Classified Ad Site for you. This includes a title, a background and banners that you choose and a link to your main website, these you can change automatically at any time. It also includes a link to this site which carries your ID# to ensure you are credited for your referrals.
  2. We host the sites on our servers.
  3. We do all the maintenance and CGI work, you just concentrate on satisfying the new clients of your other products and services that you advertise using the auto-response Email.

We provide website design, development, and graphic design services in Minnesota. If you look for a great digital web presence please contact our web design firm today!

TARGETED EMAILS: Set-It-And-Forget-It!

Imagine how much your promotion efforts are increased when everyone

that posts an ad on your Free For All Links Page or Classified Ad Site receives an Email from you! Thousands of new prospects each month will receive Email ads automatically from you with our Set-It-And-Forget-It System so the income from the programs you promote and the sales of your products or services will increase dramatically.


  1. You are able to change the contents, the subject and the from an Email address of the auto-response Email how often you want to with immediate effect.
  2. You are given up to 5KBs of storage space for your Email. That is enough for you to describe as many different items as you may want to. Check the amount of information in a text file that size on your hard drive.
  3. There is no restriction on the number of postings to your site.
  4. The emails sent out automatically for you are sent out from our servers so you do not have to worry about lost websites, email addresses or nasty spam complaints from people who receive your email. Your emails are only sent to people who agreed to receive them after submitting to your site and proof of that is automatically included in each message along with the opportunity you have to offer–it is NOT Spam.
  5. Your site has a counter on it that you may reset each month to tell you how many submissions your site has received.
  6. Each category is restricted to 50 ads. This ensures that your page loads fast each time and that only recent ads are on your site.
  7. These are targeted Emails. The reason is simple, people in the field you are in who visit and use your website will receive an auto-response email from you. This is how you can achieve this:
  • You can give your website a name that shows it is focused on computers, business or whatever is your field of interest.
  • Then you can advertise your site as one that is focused as such.
  • Since it will be linked from your site, people who visit your site will be interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, if they use your Page, the auto-response Email they receive will serve to reinforce your promotion.
  • But the real high traffic is from getting your Links Page or Classified Ad Site listed in directories and collections of other Links Pages and Classified Ad Sites, and from
  • Getting your Links Page or Classified Ad Site included in the databases of automatic submission services. The promoters of these services are always willing to include more sites in their databases!

We will get your site included in automatic submission databases for you!



Once you purchase a Classified Ad Site or FFA Links Page, you are automatically enrolled in our Affiliate Program to become a Reseller. As a Reseller, you get a Free Reseller Web Site exactly like this one, encoded with your unique Reseller ID# to ensure that you are credited for all your referrals. Your Free Reseller Web Site URL is automatically promoted for you, so you can immediately start earning a total of 50% referral commissions on two levels –15% for your personally referred sales and 35% for the sales of those you refer.

To automatically promote the service for you, a link to your Free Reseller Web Site is placed at the bottom of every email that goes out from your FFA Links Page or Classified Ad Site with a short promotional message. When you have just 4 paying members in your downline you will cover your monthly costs! Since your Premium FFA Links Page and Classified Ad Site automatically do the advertising for you, that number of referrals is easily achievable, so the service pays for itself! Of course, you can also do your own promotion to further increase the visits to your site and therefore increase your referral commissions as well.

Special Discount Pricing!

We now have Special Discount Pricing! If you purchase an FFA Links Page and Classified Ad Site together, you get over 16% DISCOUNT when compared to if you purchase them separately. You can click on this Price page link to calculate your savings. Take advantage of these prices NOW while they still hold!

Did you know… Digital Graphics prints the award winning University of Oklahoma Sooner Sports Magazine – Sooner Spectator?

We take pride in offering you quality printing and timely service that will not only reflect well on us, but make you look good in the process. Whether you are a small business or a larger company, we can help with your printing needs. Brochures, newsletters, annual reports, catalogs, posters, magazines, books, directories, presentation material. . .




New way to upload from our website!

We’ve upgraded and now have a much simplier way for you to get your files to us! Simply click on the upload button on our website to be taken to our yousendit portal for sending files of any size to us quickly and easily. It’s safe, secure, and much faster than our old FTP way. Forget the headaches of email and ftp and try it out!

Indesign Swatches? What’s That? New How-To Video Posted!

Confused when we tell you your pdf has 20 spot colors in it? Did we tell you your job was all RGB? How could this happen? Watch the exciting tutorial video I just posted and I will fill you in on all the juicy details locked away in the Swatches of Indesign. Check out our Video Tutorials Page!

What does document bleed mean? Part Deux!

When using InDesign make sure to create your documents with the final trim size measurements, not the final bleed size measurements. Click the “More Options” button on the right side of the Document Setup dialog box to open up the bleed options at the bottom. That’s where you can enter .125 inches in each of the entry boxes for page bleeds: top, bottom, inside and outside. In this way InDesign will provide you with guides for the bleeds, you can arrange your design elements based on the actual trim size and you can let InDesign worry about the final size including the bleed when creating a PDF.

New Tutorial Up!

I just put up a new tutorial on the Video Tutorials page. If you’re having problems figuring out how to get a file to us, go watch the new tutorial to learn how to send us files using our website or through ftp. Check out our Video Tutorials Page!

What does document bleed mean?

What does it mean if someone asks you to make a document bleed? Well all they really mean is you have to make sure that any work that you want going to the edge of the paper goes at least an 1/8 of an inch beyond where the finished work will cut at. So if you had a document that was 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches tall, and someone ask you to make it bleed, the file you should submit should come as 8.75 inches wide by 11.25 inches tall. This would mean the document bleeds 1/8 of an inch on each side all the way around the document. Be careful when making documents bleed and make sure that you aren’t putting any type or critical pieces of work in areas that may end up being cut off.

New Tutorial – Exporting From Indesign to PDF

I just added a new video tutorial for everyone. Go check it out on our Video Tutorials Page!

Indesign Tip #3

If the color “Auto” creeps into your Indesign document masquerading as “Black” you should delete it from the swatch palette by selecting it from the list and clicking the trash can in the lower right corner of the palette window. A window with the option to remove the “Auto” swatch and replace it with regular “Black” should appear. Click “OK” and Indesign will reassign all objects and text using “Auto” to the color “Black”.

Indesign Tip #2

When submitting original Adobe Indesign files and support documents (fonts, images, etc.) to the Prepress department of a print service company, use the “Package” option found in the “File” dropdown menu. “Package” creates an independent folder containing the Indesign document and all the support documents needed to open the document, make any changes to it and properly export it to PDF.

Random Press Tip #2

Never trust your monitor. Colors often seem vastly different on-screen compared to a final printed product. For accurate color reproduction, choose your colors from a Pantone Matching System swatch book before deciding what colors look right for your final printed piece.

FTP on Website Updated!

We’ve upgraded our FTP program on our website! If you have files you need to send us, now is the time to try out sending them to us through our website. It’s fast, it’s easy, and works on Mac and PC! To send us files click on the “Upload Files” link above.

Indesign Tip #1

When creating an Indesign document for process printing – make sure none of the colors in the Color Swatch Panel are defined as spot colors. An easy way to tell if a swatch is defined as a spot is to look for the color icons to the right of each swatch name. Spot colors will indicated by a square with a circle inside. Properly defined process colors will be indicated by a solid gray square. Spot colors can be easily converted to process by double-clicking the swatch and changing the color definition in the swatch options window.

New Content

The first photoshop video tutorial is now up! Check out the link in the menu at the top of the page. In this video, I try to provide you with some helpful photoshop hints for dealing with the color- Black.

Random Press Tip #1

When sending pdf’s or any type of file to a print service, most DO NOT want crop marks, color bars, or other information added onto the work. Crop marks are added at a later time when the work is layed out to be printed. By adding crop marks or other info that shouldn’t print, you are increasing the prep time and costing yourself money in the process. If you are unsure how the crop marks or other information made it onto your pdfs, call us and we can tell you how to remove them, in most cases.

Daily Photoshop Tip #2

While Photoshop is great for many things, setting type in Photoshop isn’t one of them. If you need a large amount of type in your document, you should do the background image in photoshop, then save that file and import it into Adobe Indesign or Illustrator and do all your typing there. This keeps the type vector which will make the finished product look much sharper.

Daily Photoshop Tip #1

Keyboard shortcuts can vastly speed up your production time. Hold down Ctrl and “-” to zoom out. Hold down Ctrl and “+” to zoom in. Holding down the Space Bar allows you to use the hand move tool.